All websites require periodic attention, and therefore, maintenance of your WordPress website is essential to the overall health of the site.  Whether you do it yourself, or we do it for you, I cannot stress the importance of this responsibility enough.  Regular maintenance helps keep your website more secure and up-to-date and also insures you have a good back-up of your site should something go wrong.   For those who do not wish to take care of this important task, I offer my WordPress Website Maintenance Plan.

As long as you are signed up under this plan, I will do the following-


  • Perform a complete review of your current website and identify all maintenance issues.
  • Update Core WordPress files as soon as new updates become available.
  • Update all themes and plugins when updates are made available.
  • Monitor for broken links at your website and update if possible.
  • Enable/Disable comments as desired.  If comments are allowed, I can help you reduce SPAM.


  • Daily Database Backup and Weekly Full Backup for frequent bloggers.
  • Weekly Database Backup and Monthly Full Backup for non-blog websites.
  • All backup files are stored on our cloud based server for safe, reliable and secure storage.*
  • You will have the option to also have backups emailed to you for storage on your local computer and/or keep a specified number of backups stored on your server where your website is hosted.  (Recommended)





  • If your website goes down for any reason, I will restore the site from the newest, safe backup available.





  • If you change your domain name or hosting company, I will get everything moved over for you quickly and efficiently.

Other Services Included.

  • Add Pages with content you provide.
  • Update Menus as necessary.
  • Minor updates to theme.
  • General updates not listed.  Talk to me, chances are I’ll help you get what you want.
  • Training for styling your blog posts.
  • Technical Consulting for added functionality

Suggested Gift – $500 a year

*Large websites may require extra storage space depending on backup frequency and/or number of backups saved on our servers.