I can build websites in many different ways, but my platform of choice is WordPress.  Additionally, I almost exclusively use the fabulous WordPress themes over at StudioPress.  I have found these themes to be the absolute best out there and I am happy to have them in my bag of tools.  I detail the process I use in creating websites here.

I can build for you anything from a simple brochure website to large and complex website with added functionality.  Whatever you are looking for in your website, I can help you achieve something that is designed to grow with your needs whatever they may be.

Existing Website Makeover or New Websites

Do you currently have a WordPress website that needs updating, a makeover, or added functionality?  Perhaps you have never had a website before and don’t know where to start.  No matter where you are in your internet presence, I can help develop a package to meet your needs.  I do everything from build websites from scratch to re-modeling an existing website, to security and maintenance.  If you need help, I can get your ideas off the ground.

Flexible Options for Every Need

Since no two situations are exactly the same, and your needs will vary from everyone else, I find it necessary to be flexible in my offerings.  I want to give the personal service and customization that I would expect if our roles were reversed.  I find “Cookie Cutter Packages” to be needlessly restrictive and counter to making happy people.

My proposals are designed specific to you and your needs.  However, they are not chiseled in stone and I am flexible enough, and not afraid to step outside of initial agreements if required in order to make my clients happy.  Since my work for you is presented as a gift, (and I want folks to love my gifts!) you then have the opportunity to reciprocate in any way you choose.

Below are two possible design packages and are meant only as guidelines.   While these suggestions may not suit your needs completely on their own, they are a great starting platform to build on.  Customizing is simple.

Contact Me to discuss your needs.

Basic Website Design and Development

Suggested Gift – $600.00

This package is ideal for a beginning blogger or business that has never had an online presence before.  This is also a great start for someone who already has a WordPress website and wants a makeover.

  • Consultation on what you need to do to get started.
  • Install WordPress platform on your hosting servers.
  • Configure DNS Settings.
  • Install Premium StudioPress Mobile Friendly Theme or other theme that you provide.
  • Add your existing logo artwork to the header.
  • Change background and font color if desired.
  • Home page, blog, site wide navigation, and sidebar setup.
  • Up to 5 pages or posts formatted with your images and content.
  • Contact page created with contact information, address, phone, email, etc.  (no contact form)
  • 3 functionality plugins installed and configured.
  • Set up an email account under your new domain.
  • Full back up of the completed website and all files used to create website.

Deluxe Custom Website Design and Development

 Suggested Gift – $1800

This package builds on the Basic Website package describe above.  In addition to all the above features, the Deluxe Custom Website package includes:

  • Consult and design the overall look and feel of your site using wireframes.
  • Create a visual “Mock-up” of your site using industry standard tools.
  • Create and install custom background and header with your logo.
  • Customize theme fonts and color scheme to your tastes.
  • Create vector images of your existing logo and other branding artwork.
  • Custom image preparation and implementation into your design.
  • Up to 10 pages of your content.
  • 3 functionality plugins installed and configured.
  • Contact form installed and configured.
  • Branding – 5 custom artwork images created to match your theme.
  • Sidebars configured.
  • Social media links installed and configured.
  • Custom Favicon created and installed.
  • Ready to print business card file that matches your website.
  • Full back up and all files used to create website.
  • 3 Month Gift of my Website Maintenance Plan.


E-Commerce Add On Functionality

Suggested Gift – $650.00

Are you looking for eCommerce or catalog to sell your products or services?  I can help with that, too.  I will build an online store at your website that includes-

  • Consult with you about your needs and experience in E-Commerce.  It can be more difficult than you think to run an online store!
  • Set up E-Commerce Store as part of your Website Design Package or add it to your existing WordPress website.
  • Update Navigation links for online store.
  • Add and configure up to 10 products to your new store.
  • Configure e-commerce functions such as payment gateways, shipping, image handling, pricing, etc.
  • Advanced tracking of orders and inventory control.
  • Train you on how to add products on your own.


Logo Design Services

I can also create a custom logo design, or  ‘refresh’  your existing logo to suit your new website for a separate price.  I can create re-sizable vector based versions of your current logo and/or branding if you don’t have these important files.

SEO Services

Website SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any website if you want people to find you when they do an internet search.  This is an often overlooked, yet vital part of your site.

If you are in need of SEO services for your site, I can help you to get on the right track to get your site found on internet searches.  I can provide consulting, guidance, and training if you desire to do this work yourself.  I will teach you time tested ways to get every page on your site optimized for internet search engines.  These services include consultation as well as sitting down together with you to show you the tricks of the trade and to implement them on one or more pages straight from the WordPress backend.  This will be a hands on training for you to learn how to optimize each page without my help.  Ultimately, good SEO depends on good writing skills for the internet and utilizing whatever “focus keyword” that applies to each page. I can guide you through the process of optimizing your entire site.

Of course, if you just would like me to take care of all  your SEO needs, I can do that too with professional copywriting tailored specifically for your business.

Other Functionality

Are you looking at other functionality such as a newsletter, membership portal, forum software, content management systems, podcasting capability or other features?  I can help with these too and many others.

You Get All the Files

I keep copies of all files from the websites I build and store them on multiple storage devices.  Upon completion,  every client I work for will receive a folder with all of the following:

  • All Login credentials for your site, including FTP, WordPress backend, hosting company control panel, and for each email account you have (they may all be different) and any other important usernames and passwords.
  • Complete backup of the entire website and database.
  • A copy of every single file I used to create your website including all the source code files, logos, graphics, images, Photoshop files, Illustrator files and any other artwork.


I am security conscious.  After I turn your website over to you, I recommend that you change all your login passwords.