All websites require a degree of security, and therefore, the security of your WordPress website is essential to the overall health of the site.  Whether you do it yourself, or we do it for you, I cannot stress the importance of this responsibility enough.  A comprehensive security plan helps keep hackers and malicious code off your website and also insures you have a good back-up of your site should something go wrong.   For those who do not wish to take care of this important task, I offer my WordPress Website Security Plan.

This comprehensive plan includes the following services:





My WordPress Website Security Review which will analyze your website for possible security vulnerabilities.


Complete Website Security Lock Down of your website based on risk areas identified during the Website Security Review.  This is the core of my Website Security Plan.  Once implemented, your site will be near impregnable to hackers.  Security enhancements include, but are not limited to the following upgrades to your website-

  • Scheduled backups of your entire website including all website files, themes, plugins, and database.
  • Update WordPress core files, plugins, and themes as necessary.
  • Implement advanced login security measures for all users.
  • Install sophisticated firewall protection against common vulnerabilities and entire hacker networks.
  • Implement enhanced database security.
  • Secure vital core files which are known targets of hackers.
  • Review critical file permission settings and fix those which are not at the recommended security levels.


Website Back-Up is critical if something were to go wrong and an important part of any security plan.  My plan incudes-

  • Daily Database Backup and Weekly Full Backup for frequent bloggers.
  • Weekly Database Backup and Monthly Full Backup for non-blog websites.
  • All backup files are stored on our cloud based server for safe, reliable and secure storage.*
  • You will have the option to also have backups emailed to you for storage on your local computer and/or keep a specified number of backups stored on your server where your website is hosted.  (Recommended)





While I go to extraordinary lengths to protect your website, no website security plan is 100% foolproof.  That is why IF a hacker is successful in getting past your site defenses and causes trouble, I will identify and remove any malicious code and restore your site for as long as you are signed up on the plan.

Stand Alone Website Security Plan – Suggested Gift – $500.00 a year

Add Security to your current Maintenance Plan – Suggested One Time Gift – $200.00

*Large websites may require extra storage space depending on backup frequency and/or number of backups saved on our servers.